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Oral Surgery

Marvel Dental

Cosmetic Dentists & General Dentists located in Clifton, NJ and Passaic, NJ

Many people need oral surgery at some point during their life. At Marvel Dental in Clifton and Passaic, New Jersey, cosmetic dentist Anna Gazu, DMD, and her skilled team specialize in oral surgery using the latest procedures and advances in technology. To find out if oral surgery is right for you, call the Marvel Dental office today or book an appointment online.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

During oral surgery at Marvel Dental, Dr. Gazu and her team can repair or extract teeth or place implants to restore your smile and prevent future oral health problems. They might recommend oral surgery for:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Other tooth extractions
  • Reduced teeth-crowding
  • Removal of severely decayed teeth
  • Soft tissue repair
  • Gum or bone grafts
  • Dental implant placement

The Marvel Dental team offers the latest advances in oral surgery and pain management to optimize each experience and give you the best outcome.

Is oral surgery right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for oral surgery, the Marvel Dental team discusses your dental history, takes X-rays, and examines your teeth and gums. They review your preferences and desired outcome, personalizing each treatment to best match your needs.

How should I prepare for oral surgery?

To prepare for oral surgery, follow all of Dr. Gazu’s instructions. Avoid food and drinks prior to your scheduled procedure as needed, stop taking certain medications, and avoid smoking. You should also arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery.

What happens during oral surgery?

Right before oral surgery, you’re given local anesthesia with the option of a sedative to relax you. Dr. Gazu makes an incision to insert dental implants, extract teeth, or repair tissue. The length of time oral surgery lasts depends on the type of procedure you undergo. 

She might place gauze in your mouth after extraction to help control bleeding. After the procedure, you rest in a recovery area for a short time.

What should I expect during my recovery?

Have a friend or family member drive you home after oral surgery. Get plenty of rest and follow all post-surgery instructions. You might have to follow a soft-food diet temporarily. Take all medications as prescribed and ice the treatment area. Brush your teeth gently as instructed by the Marvel Dental team until your surgical sites heal.

Attend follow-up appointments as needed. Call the Marvel Dental office if you experience worsening pain or have questions during your recovery.

If you require oral surgery to improve the appearance of your smile or reduce the risk of future dental problems, schedule an appointment with Marvel Dental by phone or book online today.