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Sports Dentistry

Marvel Dental

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Sports dentistry is focused on helping athletes prevent dental damage. At Marvel Dental in Clifton and Passaic, New Jersey, cosmetic dentist Anna Gazu, DMD, and her skilled team can help you and your child enjoy your favorite sports in good dental health. To learn more about sports dentistry, schedule an appointment by phone or book online today.

Sports Dentistry Q & A

What is sports dentistry?

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts visit the dentist for knock-out teeth, broken or fractured teeth, or extensive teeth damage from injury. Football players and boxers regularly take impact to their mouths and need dental treatment from a sports dentistry specialist.

However, any person involved in contact sports are at risk of dental injuries.

What does sports dentistry treat?

Sports dentistry can not only help athletes prevent injury, but also treat emergency dental concerns. Common oral health issues that Marvel Dental treats:

Fractured tooth

Dr. Gazu can treat fractured or broken teeth by extracting the pieces and repairing your smile with restorations like crowns or bridges. If you have minor chips or cracks in your teeth, she may recommend dental bonding.

Knocked-out teeth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, try to relocate the tooth and wash it off (being careful not to disturb the root) before placing it gently back into your socket. If you find it too painful, store it in a glass of milk or saliva and bring it to the Marvel Dental office.

Lost restorations

You should try to find missing restorations if you can and bring it to Marvel Dental to see whether they can be repaired. In the meantime, avoid biting or chewing anything that might cause further damage to your vulnerable teeth.

Preventing dental injuries

Dr. Gazu may recommend mouthguards to prevent dental injuries. A mouthguard acts as a protective barrier for your teeth and jaws when you encounter impact, absorbing the force of the impact.

Why is sports dentistry important?

Sports dentistry is an emerging field now that more people are concerned about protecting their teeth when they’re involved in fitness pursuits and sports. Dentists like Dr. Gazu are doing everything they can to help athletes maintain their oral health as they pursue their favorite activities.

At Marvel Dental, Dr. Gazu can recommend protective wear and preventive dentistry treatments to help preserve your healthy teeth and gums.

Sports dentistry teaches you how to prevent dental injuries and treats several oral health concerns when you need prompt care. Call the office to schedule an appointment with Marvel Dental or use the online booking tool today.